Bird Control

Birds are intelligent animals and adapt to new environments. It doesn’t take them long to learn sonic and acoustic decoys, and decoys are not a danger and in the long term are ineffective. Using Birds of Prey where birds are a pest creates a no fly-zone, as the predator birds are seen as a real danger.

In normal circumstances a predatory bird may only need to be flown as little as once or twice a week but all sites will hold their own problems.

Birds of prey are used as a deterrent against Seagull, pigeons, Starlings and night roosting birds. Using hawks is perceived as a more natural and environmentally friendly way of dealing with the problem of nuisance birds.

Taking advantage of this Ancient Art Falconry can generate a very positive public image for your business, demonstrating an awareness of environmental issues but evidence of a pro-active approach to acting on these concerns. Our Harris Hawks’ Storm and Bavo can Help

Conventionally most Bird Control has been performed using a combination of nets and repellants. Though we have noticed that there are many circumstances where these prove inappropriate due to the economic constraints or structures of building.

Use of Predatory Birds such as Harris Hawks’ provide a valuable alternative and has the following advantages

Instant Success

The raptor will quickly chase away pest birds species usually within a 2 hour operation

Environmentally friendly

Predator birds are a “natural method” to control pest birds

Public Image

Use of raptors can replace culling birds using traps and their air rifles especially now that gulls are protected species