IMG_7066Our collection of Birds of Prey range from hawks, falcons, eagle and owls. We pride ourselves on having a variety of British Species in the collection as our two main aims are to promote Education and Conservation of species.

We offer a range of bespoke services – the most popular of which is the 1 hour display. This includes hands on encounter with owls, such as our Barn owls and Eagle owls. We cover topics within the display for example night and day, prey and predator, habitats etc.

  • We can fly indoors or outdoors
  • An educational and entertaining package
  • We also supply a blue print for a barn owl box which your school could make and put up to encourage barn owls to nest

If you would like us to cover the whole school in a day, you can book us for 5 hours so that we can cover each year group and incorporate the relevant topics to each session. (Each session  lasts approx. 1 hour). We would require a site visit and we can supply all relevant Risk Assessments for you school.

  • 1 hour display costs £75 + travel over 30 miles
  • Full day display costs £200 + travel over 30 miles

Falconry 4 Schools

Falconry for Schools in Cornwall

Falconry for Schools in Cornwall

Talk to Sharon to discuss whether there is funding available for your school to benefit from 2 days of Falconry which will cover the following:-

Delivered by an experienced falconer and qualified teacher, Falconry for Schools is linked to the national curriculum and introduces a new and exciting topic, whilst ensuring the content compliments key subject and learning areas, so that the children learn:

  • mathematical skills such as measuring the weight of a bird
  • calculating its speed
  • learning about ‘Owl Technology’ in science – i.e. using adaptations from an owls wing to make hairdryers more silent]
  • food chains, habitats and conservation
  • history: medieval and Tudor lifestyles; second world war – using peregrines to ‘deter’ messenger pigeons; also persecution of peregrines for this exact reason.

Pupils learn the skills of a falconer, myths and legends surrounding birds of prey whilst also learning how to tie a falconer’s knot, learn how to handle a bird of prey correctly and training techniques and much more.  Children gain an unrivalled insight into the tradition and heritage of falconry and understand the importance of conservation and welfare of birds of prey. For two days, children have a chance to get up close to these magnificent birds. 

 Funding is limited but please call to find out.

Thank you cards from Schools


Thank you card from Jacobstow School


Thank You Letters from St Cleer Primary School

Thank You Letters from St Cleer Primary School

Thank You Letters from St Cleer Primary School