Russian Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) His current flying weight is 5.8lb. He loves to have his neck tickled. He loves souring the valley. TC is very photogenic and enjoys nothing better than having a bath after flying.

The steppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis) is a Bird of Prey. It is about 62–81 cm (24–32 in) in length and has a wingspan of 1.65–2.15 m (5.4–7.1 ft). Females, weighing 2.3–4.9 kg (5–10.8 lbs), are slightly larger than males, at 2–3.5 kg (4.4–7.7 lbs.

These eagles may be seen more widely in Europe when they are migrating across south eastern part of the continent. Their main area of distribution extends eastwards, across Asia. Those found in western parts feed entirely on ground squirrels, rather than other rodents or other prey. Although they may drop down on their quarry,

Steppe Eagles also wait patiently by the squirrels burrows, seizing individuals as they emerge from underground. They may even chase prey on foot, particularly in the case of invertebrates. Occurring relatively open country, these birds of prey tend to nest in among rocks or may use an abandoned building for this purpose. It will kill rodents and other small mammals up to the size of a hare, and birds up to the size of partridges. It will also steal food from other raptors. A wide variety of material, ranging from old clothing to bones, may be used to build a nest. The incubation period will last approximately 45 days, with their young eagles fledging once they are about 2 months of age.