The day starts at 10am with an introduction into Falconry and management of Birds of Prey. You will be introduced into feeding, preparation, species suitability, picking up and carrying a Bird of Prey. You will also be show about weight management and why it is used. We also cover Legislation with Falconry. After a light lunch which is included in the course you will spend the rest of the day Flying several different Birds. This is an excellent introduction into Falconry for any individual with a fascination in Birds of Prey. Your day will end at 4pm.


The training is run in sessions of either 10am – 1pm or 1pm – 4pm. This is an elaboration to the 1 1/2 hour flying/handling experience. You will learn the introduction to Falconry and Management of Birds of Prey. You will cover some Feeding, Preparation, Species Suitability, picking up and handling a Bird of Prey.

You will cover Weight Management of a Bird of Prey. You will then spend the rest of your time flying several different birds.

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Raptor Awards Course

Experiencing being in the company of a Bird of Prey is a fascination for many people and experiencing the thrill of a bird of Prey landing to the fist is next to none. On these courses you will experience  and learn how hard it is to keep these magnificent Birds of Prey.

The full days start at 10am and finishes at 4pm and half days 10-1pm.  The full days include a light lunch. Your introduction into the world of Falconry will start with looking at your  worksheets and familiarising yourself with what is required. on the C6-C9 course you will meet the Bird of Prey that will be yours to manage for the duration of the course (but not to take home).


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Please Note: If you wish to do all of the following courses I will provide C1-C9 for £850 + £100 assessment + the two certificates. Certificates will be @ £22 each.

If you wish to do any one module from C1-C5 the cost of the certificate is £22 however, if you wish to do all 5 modules C1-C5 then there will only be one £22 cost for the certificate.

Certificate for C6-C9 is £22.

You can only do C6 – C9 if you have completed all of modules C1-C5

If you are unsure of anything please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.


This is an excellent introduction to the Ancient Art of Falconry, whereby you will experience many species of Birds of Prey. You will learn about their eating habits, and experience the grace, agility, and flying of a selection of Birds of Prey to the glove.


Experience handling Birds of Prey including the kids most popular of all the Birds of Prey, the Owl. this will include a Certificate so your child can show his or her friends what they have been up to.

  • Cost £30 per child per 1 hour.
  • One adult spectator is free.
  • At least one adult must attend. (max 3 children at any time, children must be 5 years and over)