Stress Relief

Stress is a major factor in everyone’s lives in today’s climate and we all need to be able to relieve it in some way. There are some that thrash it out by going ‘paint balling’, some go ‘karting’. But to me they can be even more stressful. I have found a fantastic way of stress relief from our Birds of Prey. There has not been one person whom has flown the Birds with me that has gone home stressed; they have all described the experience as ‘calming’, idyllic, relaxing and awe inspiring.

I felt that we needed to confirm this from a professional body and so we contacted Ian, a Health Development Officer in Cornwall Council to get his point of view and this is what he said:


 “Wow!” If you choose not to read on anymore, than that single word sums up my experience of meeting all the characters that are the birds of Sharon.

 I was invited along to meet Sharon and her extended family of birds of prey with the angle on how they can be used to combat stress.

 My initial thought was how can a bird of prey with all its perceived power possibly reduce stress? I found though, almost immediately, that it was precisely this power combined with their captivating beauty, that was all consuming and I gave not a single thought to any of life’s other nonsense while I was in their company.

 I was so lucky that I met them all from Chase the little kestrel, to Bramble the European Eagle Owl (who you could do anything with – she loved the attention) through to TC the Steppe Eagle and the rest of the family in between.

 We travelled to the open moor to fly Storm the Harris Hawk. To see such a beautiful creature with such power and serenity in that natural environment was a stunning experience. To have her fly to me, seeing her coming so gracefully from distance, and then as she pitched up to land on my glove, feeling the rush from her wings was at those moments indescribable. Sharon asked me “how did that feel?” and I honestly at that moment could not answer her. I felt a pressure in my chest of just pure energy and emotion. When I could describe it, it was as if Storm’s power had preceded her and gone through me in that instant that she landed.

 That was pure pleasure, but on top of that we then flew TC in the training field. His size, weight and power were amazing but, like the others it was his grace and sheer presence that touched me within. (Not to mention the weight of him that touched my shoulder as I carried him back).

It is not just the natural power that radiates from any of these birds; it is their grace and beauty. Just holding them, looking into their eyes, their feathers, their colours makes you realize there is not an artist’s palette that will match that of nature. Every aspect is rolled into these birds of prey.

As far as my “would they help relieve stress angle, that was a no brainer. Stresses, worries and any other thoughts will wash away in just the short time you spend in their company and on top of that you will learn so much about them from Sharon’s easy going nature, passing on their knowledge with ease and pleasure.

 I will recommend this to anyone, stressed or not and will be in contact with various groups I work with to tell them of this wonderful concept.

 And, from a personal viewpoint; if you are a nature lover or a confirmed city dweller I defy anyone not to have their soul touched by these wonderful birds of prey.


Ian Hick

Health Development Officer.

Cornwall Council


We are now in close contact with Ian and his colleague to develop a programme together to reduce stress through ‘Team Building’ with Birds of Prey for Corporate companies and ‘groups’ or ‘Individuals’

If you are interested for yourself or your employees contact me via email or phone and I will be happy to oblige.