What is the Beginning Falconry Award?

Welcome to the Beginning Falconry Award. This award sets a minimum standard in keeping a Bird of Prey and is the only national Award currently available that is endorsed by the Hawk Board.

The Award has been developed by Lantra Awards in unison with the Hawk Board and with the help and assistance of professional Falconers throughout the UK. The Award covers all aspects of Bird of Prey management and husbandry up to flying to the fist on creance. it is a formal Award for those new to Falconry as well as more experienced Falconers who want to demonstrate that they meet a minimum standard.

Within the course the topics that will be covered are:

Housing – Types of housings needed to keep a Bird of Prey

Hygiene – Cleaning

Feeding – types of food and nutrition for a Bird of Prey

Essential Equipment – Make your own falconry furniture from a piece of leather

Health – This covers diseases and symptoms of ill health

Species suitability and Legislation – This could be the only boring bit but it is essential to cover when purchasing or owning a Bird of Prey

Manning – Learn the Art of Falconry in Handling a Bird of Prey

Depending on the need of the individual other aspects can be covered during this course.

These topics will be covered extensively over the first 3 days it will all be put into practice what you have learned and free flying a Bird of Prey that you will have trained to return to you.

The 4th day will be your assessment day where we will go over your answers in your work book and also the practical assessment. this is done when you have completed the workbook.

These are just the basic points that this course in structured around. A certificate will be issued from Lantra when all the above has been completed and we both feel you are ready to take the next step in falconry.