C3. Monitoring and Maintaining Health in Captive Birds of Prey


This course describes the skills and knowledge required to monitor the health of captive birds of prey and to recognise when health or well-being is being compromised

How to monitor health and well-being in captive birds of prey

Criteria covered. Inspection, visual indicators, verbal indicators, physical indicators

How to recognise common diseases and conditions, their causes and symptoms

Criteria covered. Infections, parasites, poisoning, injuries, conditions When to refer to professional assistance Legal constraints, lab tests, specialist avian vets

On registering for this course you will get a learners login which will give you information on the course and reading references + the worksheet and/or test that will be needed to be completed for this course before a certificate is issued. Certificates are valid for 5 years. Refresher course is then required

This course is a half day course 10-1pm and cost £80 + certificate